heidiWhat is this blog all about?

My course work for my Ed.M at Teachers College at Columbia University in Instructional Design and Media has been completed with just a final project left to be finished and presented.  


Previously, I had completed some preliminary ground work for a similar project with the New Media Consortium that involved recreating endangered ecosystems in Second Life that never really materialized.  Since my Ed.M. project needed to be in my area of interest (which was the use of Virtual Worlds in Education at the time) I was lucky to be able to develop this project out on land Seton Hall owns in Second Life.

Two of the most amazing faculty at Seton Hall have continued to help me on this project, Martha Schoene and Marian Glenn, both faculty in the Sciences.  This semester, a student joined our small team to help with the content research.

This blog serves a couple of purposes …. 

  1. Documentation of the process  … required for my Ed.M 
  2. The structure for a project web site …also a requirement for my Ed.M
  3. Represents my written “memory” of the project to assist me later for project submission and writing my paper.
  4. Provides an area where all the documentation of the project is kept so I don’t lose any of the pieces.


****  Important note:  This blog is for my Ed.M project documentation only.  If you want to catch the wonderful projects that Seton Hall is doing in Second Life, you can  read about them on theVirtual Worlds wiki found at:  http://tltc.shu.edu/virtualworlds/mediawiki/index.php

Heidi Trotta,
Graduate Student, Teacher’s College, Columbia University
Instructional Designer at Seton Hall University
January, 2009



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